Magic Mouth Oil Pull

OUR MODERN TAKE ON AN ANCIENT PRACTICE. Adding a little swish time to your morning routine can greatly improve your oral and whole-body health! 

Research is showing links between the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth, and disease in the rest of the body. Let’s get those buggers out, naturally! And bring our whole system into balance. 

IT’S ALL IN THE FAT! It’s the fat in oil that forms a bond with the fatty lipid outer layer of bacteria. When you swish, you allow those bonds to happen, and naturally pull the bacteria out of your mouth. Magic Mouth goes the extra mile by always using organic, raw, unprocessed coconut oil in our formula. Fractionated (liquid) coconut oil has been stripped of its important natural fatty acids that are so effective in fighting bacteria. Only raw coconut oil, the kind that becomes solid at temps under 74 degrees, has Lauric Acid - the bacteria fighting super hero.