Showroom Brand

LAR Studio

Istanbul based print brand LAR was established in 2017 to welcome you to a magical world of play and give you symbols and stories that find their place in your everyday life.

Our timeless collections bloom annually in spring reflecting the mood of the year in our distinct style of print language. Each timeless LAR piece carrying the naive, eclectic and playful spirit transcends one to a magical state; combining its collage of art and symbolism. LAR is also the story of Laris Alara Kilimci, coming from a multicultural background she created LAR as a way to find home in the chaotic landscape of Istanbul.

All artworks of LAR Studio© are created by hand by at LAR Studio and are manufactured in boutique amounts ethically and locally.

Produced ethically: our producer supplies ethical and good working conditions for Turkish woman workers and all products are hemmed by hand to a perfect handmade finish at our local makers.